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Second Skin Readyfit is committed to providing quality products to our customers.  Any issues or concerns about a Readyfit product you have purchased must be advised to Second Skin Readyfit within 14 days of purchase at the below address / contact number:
Second Skin Pty Ltd
Unit 15, 386 Scarborough Beach Road
Osborne Park    WA    6017
+61 (0)8 9201 9455

Unfortunately, for hygiene reasons, we are unable to provide a refund or exchange if you have worn the garment, unless the garment is found to have a major problem (see below).  We will also not provide a refund or exchange if you simply change your mind after your purchase. 
A “change of mind” will include a change of mind about the sizing of the selected garment, or a change of mind about its style.  This means that if you buy a ReadyFit product online and upon receipt and trialling of the garment you find that it is the wrong size or the wrong type of garment for your particular need for example, we will consider this a change of mind and will not provide a refund or exchange.
Readyfit provides a sizing guide to assist you with your purchase.  Please refer to the sizing guide to ensure you select the correct size garment for your needs.
A refund or exchange is available, if the garment has a major problem. This is when the garment:

  • has a problem, such as a manufacturing defect, that would have stopped you from purchasing the garment if you had known about it prior to your purchase
  • is significantly different from the description given on our Readyfit website
  • does not meet the specific purpose you asked for and cannot be easily rectified within a reasonable time (however, see Disclaimer below)
  • is unsafe.

If you choose to keep the garment that has a major problem, you can ask us to compensate you for any difference in the value of the garment we provided and what you paid.
If the problem is not major, we will attempt to fix it within a reasonable time, if it is considered safe (from an infection control and hygiene point of view) to do so, bearing in mind the fact that the garment will likely have been, in effect, a medical dressing and therefore pose an infection control risk. If it is not fixed within a reasonable time, you can choose a refund or replacement.
Please keep your proof of purchase.

When purchasing Readyfit garments online, you acknowledge that you are solely responsible for selection of the appropriate garment and the appropriate size.  By selecting a garment from the Readyfit range and purchasing it online you acknowledge that you alone have determined the specific purpose for which the garment is required, and have not relied on the advice or recommendation of Second Skin in any way to determine if the garment is fit for that purpose.
To the full extent allowed by Australian Consumer Law, Second Skin disclaims any and all responsibility for incorrect sizing and incorrect garment selection by the purchaser.


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