Ready to wear medical
compression garments

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We have an established reputation for quality and design excellence in compression garments.

Our hand crafted range of compression products provide clients with the correct level of compression through comfortable and durable ready to wear garments. This is complemented by our highly qualified team offering hands on assistance and a dedication to finding the best clinical solutions.

High quality medical grade fabrics to ensure durability, compression and skin contact

Consistent effective medical compression

Benefits clients with stable or healed skin grafts, partial thickness burns, minor scarring or mild oedema

Leading edge design and manufacture

Over 30 years of product innovation and design to produce quality products that improve the daily lives of our clients

High quality fabrics

Skilled inhouse fabrication using the same high quality medical grade fabrics we use in our custom fit garments

Accurate fitting

Products designed and shaped to contour the body providing comfortable, effective contact and accurate fit for the client

Features and options

Unique features such as zippers for easy application, softer fabric around joints to reduce irritation and specific custom-made options

Support and assistance

Highly skilled team on hand to ensure you find the best clinical solutions

Reusable face masks

Washable adult and child face masks for use in a general or healthcare setting

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Compression gloves with full length fingers and thumbs to reduce oedema and improve scar appearance

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Knee high and ankle socks with open or closed toes for effective management of lower limb oedema and improved scar appearance

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Arm sleeves

Compression arm sleeves to improve the appearance of scarring and reduce mild oedema

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